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8 Modules and 30+ Hours of Instruction


This program consists of a carefully planned series of modules and sessions to lead you on a journey. Planning, running and owning your own business is the goal of this program.

You will learn, be coached, and be challenged to achieve independence in instructor-led sessions.

Module and Session Plan

Entrepreneur Training Course Syllabus

The program plan is to take you from planning to implementation of your business. Sessions will include training, coaching and consulting. Sessions may include hands-on exercises in break-out sessions or other activities.

Course Syllabus

Getting Started

1.1 - Welcome & Goals
1.2 - Your Business Planning
1.3 - Articulating Your Business
1.4 - Initial Business Plans

Your Brand & Website

2.1 - Your Brand
2.2 - Your Website
2.3 - Content for Your Website
2.4 - Goals & Objectives for Your Website

Bookkeeping, Marketing & Social

3.1 - Finance: Setting Up Your Books
3.2 - Finance: Managing Your Expenses
3.3 - Marketing
3.4 - Social Media & Networking

Social, Leadership, Sales Process

4.1 - Social Media & Networking (Level 2)
4.2 - Become a thought leader.
4.3 - Consultative Sales Process
4.4 - Sales Documentation

Advertising, Marketing Budget & More

5.1 - Advertising
5.2 - Setting Up Your First AD Campaign
5.3 - Finance: Budget for Marketing & Ads

Customer Service & Receivables

6.1 - On-boarding Your New Clients
6.2 - Managing Customer Relationships
6.3 - Finance: Invoices and Revenue

Search Optimization, Books & Funding

7.1 - Technical SEO
7.2 - Off-Page SEO
7.3 - Finance: Monthly Bookkeeping
7.4 - Funding Your Business

Google, Vendors & Launch

8.1 - Google My Business & Directories
8.2 - Building Your Team
8.3 - You Are In Business (what's next?)
8.4 - Closing Session
A Comprehensive Program

Additional Course Details

Here are additional details that you will need to know about this comprehensive entrepreneur training program.


There will be assignments for you to accomplish between sessions and during this program.

2 Weekly Sessions

There will be two sessions per week for the duration of the program. Students are expected to participate in all sessions.

Reading List

Your instructors are going to ask you to read three well know books during the program. You will be asked to submit a basic review of the books.

Guest Entrepreneurs

We have lined up several successful entrepreneurs who will join us during some sessions to share their inspirational stories and cautionary notes!



Program Calendar

Program Start Date Key
Winter Course #1 January 21, 2022 Yellow
Spring Course #2 February 11, 2022 soon

Program Fees

Type Description Tuition
Early Bird Register before January 10th, 2022 $2700
Regular After Early Bird Ends $3200
Option Payment plan: 5 equal payments ask
Option Canada-Provincial Job Grant ask how